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To the Staff at Parsons House:

Our Family would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the great work and total dedication you have displayed in the care of Adele Phillips. We feel so fortunate that she was able to spend the final years of her life at Parsons House. Despite her occasional complaints, we knew she truly enjoyed living here. The intimate setting you offer was a major factor in our decision for her to live at Parsons House in the first place. As we gained first-hand knowledge and understanding of the quality of the entire staff, it simply confirmed that we made the right decision. The warm, friendly atmosphere that you have created is a perfect combination to the hard-working, attentive staff. In the final weeks of her life, our family took great comfort in knowing that she was at a place that would care for her and make her feel as restful as possible. Thank you again for all that you did.


The Phillips Family


Dear Parsons House;

I was at my wits end trying to juggle so many things in my life. Trying to run a business, take care of my home, my ranch, and tending to my parents on a daily basis.

My dad was in and out of the hospital, then to skilled nursing care, and even tried a stay at home that lasted two weeks before returning to the hospital and then to skilled nursing again. My mom (Millie) was living alone and trying to visit my dad and take care of herself. My dad was miserable and wanted to be with mom, but I just didn’t see how that would be possible. He just stayed in his wheel chair or bed and had just given up. I was told physical therapy wasn’t doing him and good and it would be discontinued.

Then a wonderful thing happened. Millie found out about Parsons House and wanted me to visit with her. As soon as we walked in the front door I felt that we had found the place. Instead of the hospital feeling, it was like a very nice home. I could smell the food being prepared for lunch and it smelled wonderful. We had some obstacles that we had to overcome with my dad’s diabetes, but thanks to the staff at Parsons House, we were able to work it out.

I feel very fortunate that we were able to move dad and mom into Parsons House. It’s a very trying experience to get rid of your years of belongings and move out of your home. The staff has been wonderful to my parents (treating them like royalty as they say), and have helped them through this transition in life. My dad, who was given up on before, is now almost racing down the hall with his walker. Most importantly, mom and dad are able to be together and are happy.

I will forever be grateful to have found Parsons House. I don’t have to worry about my parents every minute of the day, because I know they are receiving excellent care.

Thank you so much,

Clay Hansard


James loves the food and the music at Parsons House. His family likes the care he receives and the attention he gets. It’s so nice that he is kept busy. We appreciate all you do.

-Resident’s Family member


I love so many things about Parsons House. The staff is the best. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. We have been here long enough that Parsons House is home. They best for me is that Mom is so happy here. She loves being able to sit outside, all the entertainment, and the delicious food. Thanks for everything.

-Resident Family member


The staff are attentive and patient. Their consistency is a big plus. Suzy is super fun and always upbeat! The small size of the community means that the staff has more knowledge about each resident.

-Resident Family member



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