Our Mission

We started Parsons Group in 1984 with the goal of helping seniors and their families in one of the greatest transitions in life. Early on we had 4 historic hotels in California, Nebraska and Texas that served low income seniors. While operating these "retirement hotels" we crystallized our approach as operators and always find great pride in our roots: celebrating the little things, embracing personal connections, giving all residents, families and staff a voice, and honoring all that is part of the aging process. While we no longer have the "retirement hotels" and our family has grown since 1984, our ideals are the same.

We Serve our Elders
We Offer Unconditional Love
We Nurture Personal Growth
We Celebrate Life
We Make a Difference

Robert Parsons


Robert boasts 40+ years of experience in business and management, overseeing all aspects of the company, business development, and institutional relationships. He has a keen understanding of senior needs and social issues and is an important voice in communications with the non-senior business community. Robert is committed to the company’s family ownership and works diligently to preserve and develop this important part of our culture.

Alyce Parsons

President and COO

Alyce has spent over thirty years managing Retirement, Independent, Assisted Living and Special Needs/Memory Care Communities. Her approach to care, focusing on building our care giving teams, enables us to consistently meet the changing needs of seniors and their families. She is passionate that by working with staff, families and residents we will achieve the best possible care outcomes that are consistent with a family’s culture and the needs of their loved ones.

Janelle Parsons

President of Operations

Janelle started working for Parsons Group in 2003. She brought with her experience in sales and marketing in the Restaurant industry. She has served as Executive Director and Marketing Director for Parsons Group Communities, Regional Director as well as in her current role as Director of Lifestyles and Non-profit operations. She enjoys serving residents, families and staff.

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