Senior Care Options in Dallas

Parsons House offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Concierge Services, and Special Needs Care to meet the complete range of our residents' care needs. Our comprehensive range of services are offered in all areas of our extensive campus. Many residents find they do not need to move to a different area to receive more care; they can receive as little or as much care as they need.

Every person is different, and every plan for care should be different too. When a resident moves in we take time to interview them, their family, and their doctors, to understand how to serve them best. This includes conversations about daily routine, food preferences, interests, hobbies, social connections, and medical needs. We craft a plan to support the individual needs of every resident. The team's central focus is on identifying the challenges a resident may have, adapting the plan to fit their changing needs, and working with the resident to overcome those challenges, and celebrating daily successes.

Our Care Support Team uses the Care Plan to meet needs of each resident. Our team comprised of doctors, staff, and family, come together many times a day formally and informally, to discuss the residents, their needs, and how we can best meet those needs. The ongoing communication with staff and residents allows the team to quickly advocate for a resident if needed; a call to the doctor, a review of medications, a call to a daughter, encourage participation in programming, these are all things we assist with on a daily basis. Our distinct approach to care offers residents and family peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving the best care possible.

Senior living options in Dallas

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